Zack Scholl

infinite digits

who: infinite digits is a company started by dr. zack scholl to develop projects around the world.

what: web. audio. visual. software. hardware. firmware.

when: est. 2021.

where: seattle-based, world-connected.

why: I believe in bringing ideas into reality and hobbies to life.

how: contact me to collaborate on your project:

the name

The name “Infinite Digits” references the idea that some pieces of music may necessitate a certain number of fingers to play and that more fingers can improve the production of the piece (e.g. In the movie GATTACA, a genetic mutant plays a song which “can only be played with twelve fingers”).

The name “Infinite Digits” also references an aspect of engineering where analog signals are often transformed into digital signals or represented by equations. The representation of analog signals often includes numbers that are irrational, like 1/3 or pi, which can never be fully realized unless their decimal expansion includes an infinite number of digits.

In both cases, the inclusion of infinite digits is meant to improve the precision. This name reflect my endeavors and explorations into music, technology, and design and my hopes that these endeavors will expand infinitely, becoming more precise over time.