Zack Scholl


Running norns without the shield. (2022)
Instructions for using a Raspberry Pi to run the norns sound system.
Stream your audio. (2022)
Personal audio streaming made really easy. (2021)
A website to find every public piano.
Live coding. (2021)
Using SuperCollider and norns to make coding music.
AI drummer. (2021)
Composing drum patterns using AI.
Chaotic modulation. (2021)
Make slow oscillators for CV control.
A PO-33 clone. (2021)
Creating a functional PO-33 in the norns with the grid.
Icarus. (2021)
A Supersaw feedback synth for norns.
Plonky. (2021)
A grid-based keyboard for norns
Granchild. (2021)
Quantized granulator synthesizer.
Mx. Samples. (2021)
Multi-layer instrument samples for norns.
A sample sequencer for norns. (2021)
Drum sequencing via the monome grid. (2020)
Find charities that double your donation.
Modulating sample buffers on norns. (2020)
this norns script creates sequences of samples from a tape. you can load any … (2020)
Connect a norns device through the internet.
Sequencing samples on norns. (2020)
this norns script creates sequences of samples from a tape. you can load any …
Quantize time-bending effects on norns. (2020)
a quantized delay with optional time bending effects in the stereo field.
Every chord. (2020)
A website with the probability of every chord progression. (2020)
Create patches for OP-1 and OP-Z instruments. (2020)
Host websites in your browser.
Share. (2020)
A website for sharing files. (2019)
Using AI to find new books. (2019)
Browser-based offline-first secure notepad.
croc. (2019)
Fast, simple, and secure file transfer between any two computers.
FIND. (2019)
A framework for internal navigation and discovery.
FAAS. (2019)
Make any (Go) function into an API with one HTTP request.
A website for jotting notes.. (2018)
A minimalistic website for making notes.
Ingredients. (2018)
Turn any recipe into structured data.
Peer discovery. (2018)
Go library for cross-platform local peer discovery. (2017)
A website that finds road trip stops.
Progress bar. (2017)
A simple thread-safe Go library progress bar.
Recursive recipes. (2017)
Calculate time and cost for generating many recipes from scratch. (2016)
The best pastebin for markdown notes.