Zack Scholl


Generations. (2022)
a sound-on-sound technique for generative music.
Internet radio. (2022)
Easily broadcast music from your computer.
Raspberry Pi as MIDI to CV device.. (2020)
I programmed the Raspberry Pi to control voltage and respond to MIDI so I can …
Text-based MIDI sequencer. (2020)
I coded a new MIDI sequencer that has a high-level syntax for simultaneously …
Raspberry Pi as a chicken cam. (2018)
A Raspberry Pi automated camera in which I can watch and listen to my chickens …
Raspberry Pi as piano accompaniment.. (2017)
I made my own Raspberry Pi-powered AI to accompany me on piano.
Raspberry Pi as an aurora alarm.. (2017)
I make a Raspberry Pi powered alarm clock for alerting about auroras.
Raspberry Pi AI. (2014)
I create a fully functional AI out of a Raspberry Pi - including voice …