Zack Scholl


Ube. (2023)
Unpredictable binaural experimentations.
Producing multichannel audio synthesis …. (2023)
A continuation of using multichannel audio, but with the norns.
Producing multichannel synthesis with …. (2022)
Its surprisingly easy to utilize SuperCollider's multichannel output with …
Faking ambisonics with SuperCollider. (2022)
There is a simple trick to make audio float around binaural headphones by using …
Emulating a JP-8000 supersaw in …. (2022)
Reverse-engineering a non-linear response curve for detuning multiple …
Random music videos. (2022)
A tutorial on making random videos using a neural network.
sampswap. (2022)
Generative breakbeats with SuperCollider and sox.
CZ-101. (2021)
Emulating an 80's synth in SuperCollider.
SuperCollider sample playback. (2021)
Making a crossfading sampler engine.
SuperCollider synthesis. (2021)
Tutorial to make evolving drones in a musical programming language.