Zack Scholl


I have made dozens of websites which exist as self-contained solutions to a very specific problem. Namely I often try to leverage big data - whether it be chord progressions, piano locations, book ratings - to produce useful solutions to problems or as exploratory experiments.

Stream your audio. (2022)
Personal audio streaming made really easy. (2021)
A website to find every public piano. (2020)
Find charities that double your donation. (2020)
Connect a norns device through the internet.
Every chord. (2020)
A website with the probability of every chord progression. (2020)
Create patches for OP-1 and OP-Z instruments. (2020)
Host websites in your browser.
Share. (2020)
A website for sharing files. (2019)
Using AI to find new books. (2019)
Browser-based offline-first secure notepad.
A website for jotting notes.. (2018)
A minimalistic website for making notes. (2017)
A website that finds road trip stops.
Recursive recipes. (2017)
Calculate time and cost for generating many recipes from scratch. (2016)
The best pastebin for markdown notes.