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Photo narrative from 2018.

These photos really narrate pieces of my life from 2018. For instance, I got a cat.

My cat.

I went for a walk in the Seattle Arboretum park during the spring.

Seattle in the Spring.

I walked in a park in Hillsboro that commissioned some neat stick structures. There are many of these throughout the world, they are made by a community with the expert assistance of Patrick Dougherty who has been making these types of structures for over 30 years.

Stick faces

I watched the very naked bike ride in Seattle. Do you know where your Lime bike has been?

End of the ride

I took a picture of a couple at the top of Mt. Pilchuck when I visited there in early October.

Top of Mt. Pilchuck

There was great views at Heather Lake, lots of impressive rocks.

Heather Lake

On our way to the Mt. Baker hot springs I stopped off at Swift creek with a makeshift bridge and a very green mossy forest.

A makeshift bridge

A very mossy green forest

I traveled through Jasper park in Canada and took some neat photos.

Rocks and mountains in Jasper

A view from far away